Released: Umbraco OpenID Connect example package

The Umbraco OpenID Connect example package shows how OpenID Connect can be used for members in Umbraco with external login providers. It's a complete Umbraco solution with a SQLite database. Everything is already configured correct so you can just download the project and run it.


You can download the Umbraco OpenID Connect example package here:

Getting started

I've also made a getting started video on how you can use this package:

Requires Umbraco 10.2 RC or higher

While developing this example I ran into some issues with Umbraco and OpenID Connect.
I reported these issues and they have been fixed in the Umbraco 10.2 RC. This is the list of issues I reported:

  1. umbracoExternalLoginToken table is outdated:
  2. Foreign key constraints error:
  3. Cannot delete a member:
  4. MembersIdentity doesn't have ClaimsPrincipalFactory:

Short demo

Umbraco OpenID Connect demo