Sitecore Technology MVP 2023!

Woohoo for the first time I'm a Sitecore Technology MVP!!! It is an honor to be able to receive this award in 2023. After a number of years where I was only nominated, I am happy that I finally succeeded this year. Only 137 Sitecore professionals won in the technology category this year.

Everything I learned during my work last year I shared on different platforms. For example my blog, YouTube, Github, Stack Exchange and presentations. Most of the things I learned are also in this open source package:

For my Sitecore MVP 2023 application I also made an overview of all my activities:

Congratulations to all other Sitecore MVP’s as well! You can find an overview of all 2023 MVPs here:

Jeroen Breuer - Sitecore Tchnology MVP 2023