Umbraco MVP 2023!

Woohoo! After quite some time, I am finally an Umbraco MVP again!!! This award first found its way to me in 2013, and to receive it once more 10 years later is truly an honor. The MVP landscape this year is both impressive and inspiring, with 17 fresh faces receiving their first-time MVP titles and 66 experts having their MVP status renewed.

The MVP selection committee was kind enough to share these words about my involvement:

Jeroen, it is so good to renew your status as an Umbraco MVP. And we are super glad to have you back. We love your work and we are super grateful for the collaboration you had with Seb during Umbracollab. It’s a daunting experience to work live with others and your willingness to join in is something we are immensely grateful for. We are also super grateful for the packages that you have worked hard to build and maintain and we are always eager to hear your feedback and input. Your work across the board has such a positive influence on the Umbraco Community and we love that you are holding the door open for others, sharing not just your technical expertise but also encouraging them to get involved themselves and become presenters. Thank you for all you do to make the Umbraco community better!

A big congratulations to all other Umbraco MVPs! For anyone curious, you can find a list of all the MVPs here:

I am incredibly proud to be both an Umbraco MVP and a Sitecore MVP this year. It's been a phenomenal journey, and I can't wait to see what the future holds!